First University GENEius Screening Event – GENEius

First University GENEius Screening Event

Volunteering for the GENEius Programme
14th March 2019
GENEius reaches screening records!
15th July 2019
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March 2019 has seen Jnetics run their first GENEius campaign screening at a University!

Over 140 students were screened in Birmingham for the first screening event of its kind for the GENEius campaign. The event was a huge success and ran smoothly thanks to our amazing student volunteers who helped with everything from being screening advisers to running our social media on the day. We can’t thank them enough for their time and unwavering enthusiasm.

We hope to visit more university campuses soon to provide students with more valuable knowledge than their degree will provide – whether they are a carrier for Jewish genetic disorders. In this case, the test is positive no matter what the results.