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My work experience at Jnetics

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15th July 2019
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9th August 2019
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Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m a sixth form student at JFS. I recently underwent work experience with Jnetics. Before being screened, I had no idea about the long term effects of being a carrier and just how important it is to get screened. I gained an interest and understanding to the GENEius program, a factor that definitely pushed me to work with Jnetics.


On my first day, I was a little nervous about entering the working environment but I was met with incredibly welcoming staff.  I was welcomed to sit in meetings talking about fundraising particularly about the upcoming supper quiz and of course talking about where to get the food. I was taken back by the amount of planning and tiny details that are completely accounted for, it really shows how the charity pulls off such successful events like the Maccabi Fun Run. 


My time at Jnetics has involved a range of jobs from getting through to clinics to making social media posts. Who knew something like a social media post takes such detail! The jobs given really helped me see the whole process that is required before going to schools for people to be screened. The staff were super patient and made sure I knew what I was doing. 


Overall, I have gained so much knowledge from this experience and very grateful for it, it was something I did not think I would have the opportunity to do at a young age. I would definitely want to help out Jnetics again in the future.