Jnetics on Campus Reps – GENEius

Jnetics on Campus Reps

What’s involved in being a Rep?

The core responsibilities of a Rep are...

  • Creating awareness of Jewish genetic disorders, carrier screening and GENEius on campus, using a variety of means; social media, face to face (only in accordance with COVID government guidelines), WhatsApp, or other creative methods
  • Advertising GENEius University Screening Week through social media, word of mouth or other means
  • Recruiting people to sign up to get screened during GENEius university screening week in November 2020

What are we looking for in a Rep?

A Rep should be someone who...

  • Is outgoing and well connected
  • Is proactive and knows how to take initiative
  • Has strong communication skills - both written and oral
  • Is confident on social media
  • Has an interest in marketing, social media, science, medicine or charity work
  • Understands (or wants to learn to understand) the importance of carrier screening for Jewish genetic disorders

What are the benefits of being a Rep?

  • Chance to play central role in meaningful cause, prevent severe Jewish genetic disorders and save lives!!
  • Reward scheme for recruiting event participants
  • Amazing experience for your CV – opportunity to develop and demonstrate transferable skills such as teamwork, communication, social media, initiative, project management

How to apply?

  • To apply just email a paragraph explaining your background, current degree course/university and why you want to become a rep to hello@geneius.org
  • Deadline: Monday 4th October.
  • Role start date: Immediate

Jnetics is looking for university students who want to become GENEius Campus Reps.

This is a 2 month role devoted to promotion of GENEius University Screening Week, November 22nd-28th 2021.

Reps are needed in the following locations:

  • Bristol
  • Birmingham
  • Essex
  • London
  • Nottingham
  • Reading
  • Sheffield
  • Brighton
  • Cambridge
  • Leeds
  • Manchester
  • Oxford
  • Scotland
  • Warwick