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What is Screening

What is screening?

Carrier screening involves a genetic test to identify if you are a healthy 'carrier' of a severe recessive Jewish genetic disorder. 1 in 5 people of Jewish origin is a carrier of at least 1 of these conditions. Carriers are completely healthy but are at risk of having children affected by the condition that they carry.  

Importantly, this risk only exists if both partners in a couple are carriers for the same condition (carrier couple). For a carrier couple, there is a 1 in 4 risk with every pregnancy that the baby will be affected by the disorder that they both carry. 

Why screen?

If a couple is aware that they are a carrier couple, there are several options available enabling them to completely prevent the risk of having an affected child.  

Taking part in screening means you can identify your risk of having an affected child. This arms you with the knowledge needed to manage this risk if your future partner is a carrier of the same condition. 

Book a university screening

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Only do this if;
* You are 16 years or above
* You have at least one Jewish grandparent

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